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YASAHYoga Ayurveda Sciences for Advance Healing

Be like a lotus, have the ability to blossom in swamp, that is the true nature of intellect.
Be like a lotus, have the ability to blossom in swamp, that is the true nature of intellect.

Our philosophy

The subject of Yoga, Ayurveda (& Vedanta, Bhagawad Gita, Chanakya Niti) are the pillars of foundation for moral conduct, well being of a person for self, society and eventually the spiritual growth. They lay a systematic and uniform method for a complex system called "humans".

Every individual is a separate identity and has to travel his/her own path towards physical well-being (& sustainability) and intellectual growth. Yoga and Ayurveda are the perfect and essential means of understanding the gross instrument - called body and subtle instrument within - called mind.

Our Story

Knowledge that comes through experience transcends to Wisdom. With an objective of creating the perfect environment towards an aspirant to experience and gain knowledge, YASAH which means the giver of Prosperity; was created. YASAH - is also one of the many names of Lord Shiva - the first Guru (Adi Guru) and from whom the knowledge of Yoga was gifted to the world. With a diverse and vast experience of more than a decade, YASAH is the creation of platform for people with all facets of life to experience and create their own journey.

Meet the Team

We are dynamic global multi-national, multi-lingual team. Our team consists of teachers who have a passion for their subject and have been practicing and teaching Yoga (& Ayurveda) with zeal and utmost faith.

We have created a team which enables you to access them from any part of the world and join them for their workshops and classes in their respective countries, if you belong there. Mexico, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, India, .. Our team keeps getting BIGGER & STRONGER

Yogi Shri, India - USA

Founder & Director

Dr. Swapnil Chaudhari, India


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