Seeking Karma Yogis – Volunteers – February 2017 – Amboli Ghat, Western rainforest  – India.

Dear lovely Yogis and Yoginis,

Happy New Year!!!

YASAH (Yoga & Ayurveda Sciences for Advance Healing) is a young organization which aims at conducting holistic Workshops and Retreats for Yoga teachers (& austere practitioners) and visitors. These camps and retreats will be held in Western rain-forests of India (Amboli Ghats) at a calm and serene Ashram. This Ashram has tremendous spiritual energy and Vedic gurus visit this place often for conducting spiritual chanting and havans during special occasions.

After being operational (& secluded) Ashram for over a decade, this is the first time this Ashram is opening its doors for volunteers and karma yogis. Aspiring teachers and travelling Yogis are welcome; to learn and grow their core strength of Science of Yoga & Ayurveda. VISIT THIS PAGE FOR GALLERY AND IMAGES OF THE ASHRAM AND LOCATION (CLICK ON THIS LINK).

As a volunteer/karma yogi, the objective here will be to stay for one month (February 1st – 28th, 2017), participate in specialty course designing activities (daily meditation, yoga session, personal practice and maintaining dairy on self study) & basic work in the ashram. The work in Ashram will be towards gardening and cleaning only. THERE WILL BE NO PAYMENT OR STIPEND PROVIDED FOR THIS. THIS SHALL BE MORE OF A SELF-PRACTICE & SELF – STRENGTHENING CAMP. We can consider applications who are unable to stay for the entire duration of 1 month.
DO NOT CONTACT ON FACEBOOK OR PM. Contact us via E-mail on ayurvedaindia.yoga@gmail.com