CAMP DURATION: 10 days (participant can extend stay for Base camp  for self practice post camp)

Extensive and informative camp specially designed to bust myths and give insight on simple techniques and depth of Yoga – Ayurveda, the science of well being which was documented over 6000 years ago and discovered even much before that.

The camp will aim at giving insight on:

  • Ayurvedic Cooking.
  • Ayurvedic procedures & tips for ayurvedic herbs plantation.
  • Classification of body types as per Ayurvedic science.
  • Identification of doshas and its implications in various body types (with varying geographic characteristics)
  • Yoga – Patanjali Sutras (what are Sutras and how do they define the subject of Yoga)
  • Yoga – asanas and pranayama (scientific theory and practice session)
  • Yoga – its physiological and psychological impact and medical affirmation and scope
  • Yoga and its branches – explained and practiced during daily sessions.


Budding aspirants who are new and excited to explore the field of Yoga-Ayurveda. Seasoned teachers and instructors who must know what is the latest trend and scope of Yoga-Ayurveda in the coming decade and its need in overall well-being and in medical field.

Ad-on (on demand):
  • How to make Chyawanprash for boosting immunity and specialised Chyawanprash for specific organs
  • Tips and benefits of natural ingredients of ayurvedic medicines and its importance in consumption.
  • Yoga – session on restorative & therapeutic yoga by a senior faculty.


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