Speciality Camps

Preventive Oncology (Cancer Care/Cure/Prevention)

Cancer and toxins are two most common lifestyle diseases which are not uncommon anymore. They continue to live and outgrow the lifespan of our normal cells in the long run proving to be catastrophic. This is a specialty camp which helps you understand and create natural antidote with the use of Ayurvedic  herbs and natural techniques.

Detoxification of the organs is also covered here. A "must docamp and insightful for all aspirants.

Preventive Cardiology

Often the symptoms of cardiology are sensitive and never detected. What does it take to keep this organ active and healthy without any artificial or medical assistance is the prime objective for this camp.

Immensely beneficial for people with cardiac history and for those teachers who want to expand their horizon and knowledge to deal with their students. Applicable for only advanced level - teachers and for group of 10. 

Sports Rehabilitation

Specific camp with the objective of restoring and working on key muscles and organs. This is specialty camp and helps persons with stress induced muscles (like sportsperson) to enhance organ functionality.

Also an ideal camp for Yoga/Ayurvedic teachers who wish to understand and wish to offer better understanding of this subject for their students.




Acclimatize and plan your stay here and gear up for the course.

Know the importance of why teacher training is really the right thing to do? What to expect, and learn as your basics and various styles of Yoga. Learn the basics of Yoga philosophy and types of Yoga. Meet fellow TTC aspirants from different countries and create your community to interact and share knowledge.

Scientific knowledge and anatomy basics will be covered in this workshop. 


Often the first objective of the aspirant is to go out and establish and implement the knowledge learnt at TTC. How about strengthening the base and understanding practical knowledge about Yoga & Ayurveda?

This is a specialty camp which will give emphasis on Patanjali Sutras, scientific applications of Yoga (& scope), restorative yoga and it's need as a Yoga Teacher. Ayurvedic cooking and how to conduct successful workshops for your students with an understanding of body types.

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