Yogi Shri


Yogi Shri (RYT 200) is international Yoga teacher and have been taking assignments globally since 2014. He has been a practitioner of Yoga asana, Vedanta Philosophy and Bhagavad Gita for over 15 years. After working successfully in corporate multi national for over a decade, he decided to practice and implement his learning and knowledge about Yoga – (asana and philosophy) actively. YASAH is one such step to bring the world closer and share the knowledge in its true sense.

A brief list of the wisdom Yogi Shri has been blessed to have seen, heard, and felt:

Shri Niloofer Giri – Bhagavad Gita, Advaita philosophy, Vedanta (Amboli, India)

Dr. Susan B Lord – Mindfulness to medicine, Self Healing (Bahamas)

Shribanta Giri – Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Meditation. (Pune, India)

Dr. Ron – Refinements in pranayama – Breathing techniques and its implications (Amboli, India)

Ram Vakkalanka – Inner Healing through Nada Yoga (Nada Bramha), sacred sounds of Sitar. Chakra Healing (Bahamas)

Sri Swami Parmarthananda – Yoga Philosophy and 8 limbs of Yoga (Chennai, India)

Sivananda Ashram and Philosophy – Essentials of Yoga 1 & 2 (Bahamas)

Iswara Chaitanya – The power of positive thinking (Bahamas)

Dr. Swapnil Chaudhari – Ayurveda Philosophy (Mumbai, India)

Tilak Raj – Refinements in postures and injuries – Iyengar Yoga (Pune India)


While learning various techniques about Yoga and its physiological implications, came the opportunity to intern with Alex Cleveland in 2016. A profound and extremely knowledgeable Iyengar Yoga teacher, under whose guidance detailed concepts of Patanjali Sutras, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga and Iyengar Yoga were and will be learnt in future.


Still a distant dream, but a passion to build a future organic township which offers a abode for enthusiast and aspiring Yoga practitioners to learn, enhance their knowledge. Organic living is a simple yet most effective lifestyle not only to provide energy and required elements for good health, but also serve as effective detoxification and eliminate consumption of chemicals.

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